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Managing Neonatal Pain and Distress: The Next Frontier

The goal of this study is to measure neonates stress responses to repeated painful procedures in the NICU at CHOC Children’s via a salivary stress biomarker . Our aim is to better characterize the neonates’ stress response over several weeks of their stay at the NICU and to assess to what extent gestational age has an effect on stress system development and whether repeat exposures to pain alter this development.

Effects of repeated painful procedures on stress responses in healthy infants 2-6 months of age

This is a longitudinal study where we will measure healthy infants’ stress responses to routine painful medical procedures at CHOC Children’s over several months. Sympathetic nervous system development in the healthy infant is still not completely understood. This study aims to characterize the normal stress system development in healthy infants, as well as to examine how repeat exposures to painful procedures affect infant stress responses.